Friday, September 17, 2010

We Need Help Mississippi!!!

I recently received a message from this sweet lady (Karen Broussard) who is the founder of which is a wonderful tool for those of us who have to eat gluten free. It appears that Mississippi was the only state that had no reviews. I mean there were absolutely NO reviews of restaurants, hotels/resorts, cruise ships, or grocery stores within the state. So she asked that I try to get the word out and that I submit some reviews of my own. I'm now working on submitting reviews but as the wife of a farmer I don't travel much so I need your help. If you or a family member have to eat gluten free for any reason at all please go to and submit a review of your experience. It's not hard and takes only a few minutes of your time. Please pass this message on we need to put Mississippi on the map.

Here is more info about Karen and her site.


Here I am with Ryan, my son and the inspiration behind both this blog and our sister website It's hard to believe this beautiful little boy was once so very sick -- and from something so prevalent in most people's diets: gluten.

In the 3 1/2 years since Ryan was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, our family has ascended the learning curve of preparing gluten-free meals quite successfully. Our one big challenge remained keeping Ryan's diet safe when dining out and traveling. Thankfully, awareness of Celiac Disease has grown tremendously with each passing year, and with more people getting diagnosed, there's more demand for good gluten-free foods -- both in grocery stores and in restaurants. The key is FINDING these grocery stores and restaurants -- as well as hotels, resorts and cruise ships.

That's why I started to give people with Celiac -- and others on gluten-free diets -- a way to learn from others experiences dining and traveling around the world. It's a way to connect to others in the worldwide gluten-free community and read their personal reviews of places they'd recommend (or not). With this first-hand knowledge, you get great ideas of where to eat in your own area -- or when traveling anywhere around the world. And by having this information at your fingertips, you cut down on the planning and research you have to do yourself and can take a true "vacation from worry." Best of all, you can help spread the word about the wonderful places you've been by submitting a review yourself. You'll be helping other Celiacs as well as rewarding those establishments who've taken the time to learn about safely preparing gluten-free meals.

I hope you get some great ideas of where to dine both from this blog -- and from reading the personal reviews on Happy Gluten-Free Traveling!

Karen Broussard
Founder and President