Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ian's Go Bars Review

How busy can I get, I guess I am soon to find out. We have been working hard to get our end of the year bookwork and taxes done. I really despise end of the year stuff around here. It is the busiest time of year for me, I guess because I am the bookkeeper, and it seems that I always find as much I am doing wrong as I am doing right. It's nothing major that can't be corrected but it's just agravating, do you know what I mean?

When I am swamped with bookwork I seem to neglect my cooking and eat what ever I can find for the time being. One of the best things I have found for a quick breakfast or snack lately is Ian's Go Bars I bought the Apple Pie Bars and they are wonderful, I can't wait to buy and try the Ian's  Cinnamon Bun bars and other gluten-free products.

Ian's WF/GF Apple Pie GO Bars are the ideal on-the-go snack. Made with wholesome brown rice cereal and drizzled with yogurt goodness, Ian's WF/GF Apple Pie GO Bars taste just like your mom's apple pie wrapped into a handy little bar. Ian's GO Bars provide the energy you need to power through another busy day, made without wheat or gluten.

I'm not feeling so good these days and I think I have been majorly glutened but my husband says he feels the same way and he thinks we ate some bad meat. UGG I pray for a quick recovery as I have sooo much to do and do not feel like doing any of it.

Punkin is sick with a cold and can't breath well so I rode with Ashia to take her to the doctor so they could give her a decongestant. She did great at the doctor but the ride there and back was NOT fun.