Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is it Spring time?

Spring is finally here, I thought I would freeze over winter so I am happy to see warmer weather.

Today Honey started planting the flat land, I can't wait to watch the crops grow. This is one of my favorite times of year.

I've been trying to clean up around the yard and this time of year it is impossible. I swept off the deck late yesterday and it looks like I haven't touched it. Why don't I just leave it alone? I garentee I'll be back out there sweeping today. Honey and I are trying to find someone reasonable to re-landscape our yard. We have bought a book and we're deciding exactly what we want. I may get inpatient and get out there and start on it myself. I just can't figure out how I can pull up all these old boxwoods. I woke up this morning with my body telling me to "leave the yard alone". I had a headache induced by my seasonal allergies. That's the hard part I can work in the yard all day or several days straight and I get sick every-time but then the pollen forecast is very high in the south right now.

Today’s Local and National Allergy Forecast

National Allergy Forecast Map

Can you see my tulip tree, it is behind the little magnolia. The yard is starting to green up and I'm excited every thing has looked dead long enough.

We spent several days on the farm and I was able to be with Punkin. She is growing up so fast and I savor each moment that I'm able to spend with her.

She is completely feeding herself now and doing a really good job at it. Good thing since she wants to eat all the time!

She does some of the funniest things, of course being grand-ma I think they're precious!

Oh, Honey has been put on a diet and is doing well so far. My problem is cooking gluten free and low fat and keeping the food interesting. I'm looking for creative ways to prepare good food and that can be a challenge when on a diet. And wouldn't you know just when we stop eating those fating foods my friends blog really fattening recipes. Like "Chicken and Dumpling Bake" which I will feature as one of my favorite recipes for March. It's not gluten free by the way but I know that when I can transpose it, it will be! That gives me something to look forward too as I need to loose a few pounds too so this diet isn't hurting me at all. Now I'm not sure how my company coming will react, we'll see.

Thanks for stopping by y'all and please come again soon!


Anonymous said...

Boy of boy, I am feeling the allergies too. Oh my aching head. We are in NC, and as you can see by your map, we are in the RED Zone. Ick.

I too am trying to lose a few pounds, plus I found out that I have to add Fructose Intolerance to my restrictions. I'm a bit confused by it all right now, but I see a nutritionist next week. : )

I should be posting a few new recipes because of this. Hopefully, good and good for you too!

Good luck to your honey and you on your new diet regime.


Loretta & Amanda said...

We've been battling allergies and asthma here too. We live in the middle of a pine thicket and the pollen is terrible.

Cute pictures of a precious little one!