Monday, March 21, 2011

Shabtai Gourmet Gluten Free Raspberry Roll Reviews

Wow, did I just eat that?

Ok, you may have realized by some of my previous post that I am not a big fan of Shabtai Gourmet now. Well, I was not until I found their Raspberry Roll but I LOVE it!!

I have company this week so I took my Shabtai Raspberry Roll out of the freezer to have after our meal on Sunday night. I felt that it was something Honey and I would only eat a small piece of due to our being on a diet, doctor induced, man was I sooo wrong. Shhh I haven't told Honey and he hasn't tried it yet.

The Shabtai gluten free raspberry roll is sooo delicious, it is soft, moist and creamy on the inside and has a slightly sweet coconut outside. I'm not a big fan of raspberry y'all but again I tell you I love it! Now this is a roll that I wouldn't mind putting a few of in my freezer just for that special occasion and I may do just that!

You can read more about Shabtai here and here.

Planting has begun and Punkin is here visiting me for a few days so watch for photos of our visit coming up.

Thanks for stopping by y'all and please come again!


Carla @ Gluten Free Gift Baskets said...

I love Shabtai Gourmet products. Their apricot roll was too sweet for me, but my husband gobbled it up one weekend and just loved it! I love their chocolate lace thingies!