Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One of Four Shabtai Gourmet Gluten Free Food Reviews

I have done many food reviews with a lot of great food, so when I was contacted by Shabtai I questioned whether it would be as good as the rest. I was in Colorado at the time and by the time I returned home my package had arrived.

The minute I opened the big brown cardboard box I know that I was in for a treat. Oh, my I gained weight just looking at these wonderful treats!

Honey and I had decided that we need to cut back on our calories so I started thinking up creative ways to try and enjoy these handsome delights without consuming all of them right by myself, which I could easily do. I had committed myself to keeping our youngest granddaughter for a day while her mom worked so I decided that I would take one item and share with the family. Out of all my daughters this is the pickiest eater so I thought that too would be a good thing, I could also get the input of her family.

We chose the Swiss Chocolate Roll, some liked it better than others. To me it was like eating a Little Debbie Ding Dong. Everyone agreed that it was very moist but some felt the chocolate was a little strong. I was going to eat a piece and leave the rest but since the kids didn't just love it I couldn't stand the idea of them possibly throwing it out so guess what? Right, I brought it home and finished eating it myself I think I've gained two pounds so I'll have to wait and try my other Sabtai items later. To me it was great, it was moist and very chocolaty with a sugary creme filling, if you like the Little Debbie Ding Dong you would love the Swiss Chocolate Roll.
Here's a little more about this great bakery!

Shabtai Gourmet is a unique Gluten Free Bakery line specializing in Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Soy Free, Casein Free, Peanut Free and Dairy Free Cakes and Cookies. Shabtai has brought a fresh and exciting new approach to allergen free baking. Shabtai and his family owned bakery has grown over the years, yet has never lost its old world out of this world taste.

While many gluten free bakeries use the same available ingredients, very few bakers have the creativity, patience, and talent to turn an ordinary pound of ingredients into an exquisitely crafted pound of scrumptious cake.

Shabtai’s mission is to produce allergen free desserts that allow you to feel comfortable with your dietary restrictions. With products like our Swiss Chocolate Roll, Raspberry Rolls, and Florentine Lace Cookie – you can start enjoying cakes and cookies that you would never have thought were available as gluten free! Actually, we get numerous calls from excited customers asking if what they just ate was really gluten free! We encourage you and your friends and family to try what so many people are raving about-and don’t be surprised when they don’t believe it’s gluten free!

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ashia said...

it was good, VERY moist, and VERY rich!

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