Wednesday, February 16, 2011

College students can now review their college for it's level of "Gluten Free Friendliness".

They have added a feature on GlutenFreeTravelSite ( ) that enables gluten-free college students to review colleges and universities for their degree of "gluten-free friendliness." Reviewers simply follow the steps for Submitting a Review ( ) as they would for a restaurant, store, hotel, or resort, but they choose "college" when prompted for the type of establishment they're reviewing.

By adding colleges as a choice of venues to be reviewed, GlutenFreeTravelsite gives college students a way to share their feedback -- both positive and negative -- with current and prospective students who follow gluten-free diets.

Please help us spread the word so that we can help as many gluten-free teenagers as possible as they embark upon their college selection process. To read more about this new feature, see our Blog post ( ) or read our Press Release ( ). 

Thanks for stopping by ya'll I'm working on the photos of the Colorado trip so come again soon!