Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Will my dreams become nightmares?

Yesterday was an exciting day for me as I read over the internet that Dominos was going to offer gluten free pizza. I use to love Dominos while living in Guatemala so I thought I could pick up a pizza and dream of the old days. Then the word came out that although they were labeling their pizza as gluten free it will not be safe for those suffering from celiac disease but will be safe for those with mild gluten intolerance? Now though I have a severe wheat allergy and gluten intolerance I'm afraid to pick up my pizza if I do maybe my dreams may become nightmares.

For more information on this I have included several links that you may refer to.

Gluten Free Blog



I have to thank Dominos for trying to cater to the gluten free community!

But for right now I'm just afraid to pick up my Dominos pizza and bring it home but I will keep dreaming of this day. 

Have you tried the gluten free pizza at Dominos if so please comment and let me know what you think.

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