Friday, May 18, 2012

Rudis Fiesta Tortilla Review

Yesterday I was sitting here thinking about what to cook for supper when the UPS lady knocked on my door, my first thought was what have I ordered? When I picked up the package I got excited and knew exactly what we would be having for supper TACOS.

This is what I received. They always send such a lovely package!

I chose to use the Fiesta tortillas first and when I took my first bite my mouth did a dance. They are wonderful, they are soft and have a great texture just like a regular flour tortilla but these have just a hint of jalapeno and it with the combination of other spices make them just perfect.

I made one mistake I bragged on them to my husband and then he insisted that I share but I mad it clear that he could only have one. He loved them too so now I'm tempted to hide them.

I look forward to trying the others as a matter of fact I'm going to my daughters and I think I'll take some with me but I won't brag to my family this time.

Here's what my taco looked like.

See the chips in my taco, I love tortilla chips crushed up in my tacos it makes them have a little crunch!

Read more about Rudis tortillas HERE.

Thanks for stopping by y'all and please come again soon!