Monday, April 25, 2011

Sharing our Easter

We have been having a lot of strong winds and thunderstorms with rain lately. We recently lost an apple tree in our yard due to the wind.
I don't know what happened to this apple tree but I do know that this fall I will not be putting up apples like I did last year.

After sooo much rain on Friday afternoon we went to the flat land to see what damage had been done to our fields and crops. We were blessed to find that everything stilled looked good.

On Friday after checking out everything in the flat land we packed up and headed to the farm to spend some family time with Ben, Ash and Punkin.

Sunday was to be a full day of serving at church for Ben and Ash so we celebrated Easter together on Saturday. Ash and I cooked a big lunch and we enjoyed just relaxing and eating all day while playing and hiding eggs with Punkin.

I gave Punkin her Easter card while we waited to go outside. I had put her a couple of little bracelets inside and when she noticed them the poor card didn't stand a chance. She loves wearing bracelets.

I sent Easter goodies to my other grand-babies also. I wish I could have been present to see them open theirs. 

Punkin caught on to hunting eggs really fast.

It was hard to keep her focused since Dad had hid the eggs close to her swing set. You could just see her wanting to play when she looked that way.

After finding all her eggs she spent time on the slide. It was soo muddy after all the rain that her dressed and bloomers had mud on them before we were through. She would have stayed out all afternoon but it was nap time.

We spent Sunday reflecting on the true meaning of Easter! We went to church with the kids before returning to the hills and guess what the sermon was on? HOPE, if you read my Easter card post on my last blog that's exactly what I talked about.

I hope that you had a nice Easter and that you too were able to reflect on what the true meaning of Easter is.

Thanks for stopping by y'all and please come again soon.


Mary at Deep South Dish said...

Great post and she is precious! Heck y'all don't have a garden ... y'all have a FARM!!