Friday, April 29, 2011

Not much interesting cooking going on here at the time although we are doing pretty well on our diets. I wish the pounds would just fall off and it would be over with but it just doesn't happen that way. I continually struggle on what to cook different to make our meals more interesting.

This week so far I have cooked my "Salmon with Yellow Pepper Jelly Glaze" and I toned the glaze down a little to make it low calorie. Instead of the usual rice I served it with steamed vegetables.

I love this time of year the temperatures have been wonderful and my yard is continually blooming. Honey and I are planning to re-landscape the yard maybe this fall but for now I am enjoying it just like it is.

I was recently able to meet up with a friend in Jackson and swap some books with her. Swapping with Eve is like having your own personal library as she is a book collector/fanatic. I have also talked her into signing up with Goodreads so that we will know what books we each own and to make swapping easier. With the arthritis problems I am having I spend more time reading than I use too. I love being able to pull up the books I have read, the books I want to read and the books I own at the touch of a button. I also love being able to buy books for only a couple of dollars! This depends on how many books you buy at one time. I try to buy at least three and usually spend around $3 per book. In fact I like it so well that I have limited myself, if my books shelves are full I swap some out before ordering more. If only Eve would let me swap her books..... If you have books that you would like to get rid of contact me I'd be glad to get rid of them for you!!!

They also have Goodreads for iphones. Read about Goodreads on their blog

So join Goodreads with me and we can discuss books! You can find the widget listing some of the books I have read on the right side of my page.

Thanks for stopping by y'all please come again soon!