Monday, May 9, 2011

Is it over yet?

I know you have heard of the devastation that hit the south in the form a tornado. While we are extremely blessed and only had some damage to our farm we were hit. Honey and I were at home in the hills but Ben and Ash were at the farm when it hit. Ben decided to be a storm chaser and took a few photos of it. Here is one of the photos.

This is the tornado over the field at the house where we use to live.

As soon as we heard the news we headed to the farm so that the men could begin to clean up and meet with our insurance agent.

On the way to the farm we stopped at the new house to help Ash with a few things. Of course our attention was on something other than the house. We have spoilt her a little bit, I bet the other children are thankful we don't live close to them.

Punkin is in no hurry to pack because she has new toys.

The next day we played while the men worked, isn't that what we're suppose to do? Rain doesn't stop this farm girl.

We had playdough time.

And played a little hid and seek.

Now we are back in the hills waiting to see if we will have another natural disaster. There is flooding all around the flat land and though our farm has never flooded we are still keeping a close watch and trying to be prepared. As the water rises I hope to go out and take a few photos.

Thanks for stopping by y'all please come again soon.