Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother's Day Recap

The Friday before Mother's Day Ben and Ash wanted to clean carpet at the new house and so I agreed to pick up Punkin and take her home with me. She would spend the night and then I would meet her Mom who would take her to a birthday party Saturday morning. After the party Ash and Punkin would return to my house for the weekend and Ben would join us that night. My Dad also joined us on Sunday so that he could help out on the farm.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. We ate out a lot as the family said it wasn't fair for me to cook? Sorry, I took advantage of it! I received many gifts of love, cards and phone calls.

Here are a few photos to share from the weekend.

Our corn in the flat land.

Watching Baby 1st TV.

Playing hide and seek.

Having a quick snack before leaving for home.

After the kids left I began to put the house back in order and clean up some. A heavy feeling came over me and I started thanking God for all my kids and the little time that I get to spend with them. My children are a blessing and it wouldn't be Mother's Day without them.

Thank you kids for making my Mother's Day special! I love you!!!

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