Monday, July 25, 2011

An update on the grandchildren

We just returned from visiting our children in Indiana and had a wonderful time it was just too short. Mary does an excellent job in preparing meals I can eat, needless to say I am NOT getting on the scales anytime soon. I think I ate something that I should not have on the way home yesterday and today I am paying for it.

Well enough of that let my photos do the talking from our trip.

My babies they are growing up fast.
Josh has an injured ankle but he stills manages to get around. 
Alayna is doing so well in school this was a project 
from last year and she had to tell me all about it.

 Josh is a camera hog if he sees you taking the girls photos he sits down right in front of you and starts saying cheese

 Emma is glued to me the whole time we're together. She always begs to come live with me in Mississippi.

 This is the first time ever I have let the girls take my 
camera and take photos unsupervised. They did a great job.
This one was taken by Emma while I was busy in the kitchen.
Only grand-kids can get him to smile like that!

 Little man loved being with his PePaw. He kept trying to wear the girls accessories and Honey couldn't stand it. So he got him a cap and tried changing his focus. Josh put the hot on PePaw and looked for the headband.

We took the girls to the "Creation Museum" and this
was the only dinosaur we could get them close to.

 If you are ever close to a "Creation Museum" I'd strongly encourage you to visit. It was a neat experience.

 Me observing "Maroon Friday". I don't remember if Alayna or Emma took this photo but I do remember that it was really HOT!

 We all went to lunch on Saturday and I discovered that with this family if you slip up and take a photo they don't smile as a matter of fact they look angry. Oh well.........

 A family affair a cast doesn't stop this boy.

Our George and Mary

The only problem with the girls taking the photos there is always one missing. Here Emma was the one.

You can see lots more photos of the family and the things we did by watching the video on the bottom of this blog. 

Thanks for stopping by y'all and please come again soon.