Friday, September 4, 2009

Teen on "Doc" diagnosed with Celiac Spru

I will be spending my Labor Day at a family reunion in Gadsden, AL. I am baking a cake to take with us, gluten-free of course. (recipe in next blog) One of the hardest parts about eating at a family reunion is the desserts. There is always an overabundance of food and more than enough that I can eat, but unless I carry a dessert with me there are never any that I can eat. Usually in a situation like this I eat some type of fruit salad for my dessert but this time I have decided to make a speacial cake that I love and carry it with me. I will be going with my Dad, Steve will be in the field working. I am hoping Ashia will go with us but she is sick at this time with sinus problems so she may not feel like it, we'll see. I am excited about seeing family on the Thacker's side once again.

I recently watched "Doc" on the Gospel Music Channel and I heard them diagnose a teenager with Celiac Spru. If you get the opportunity to watch Doc: "While You Were Snoring", you should. I have included as much information as I can find below.

More Info:

Name: Doc
Type: Drama
Run Time: 2001-2004
Seasons: 5
Episodes: 88 / 88 Links
Streamed: 967

11 May 2003 Season 3, Episode 21: While You Were Snoring (coming soon | try iReel)

Full Episode Summary: Clint Cassidy is a handsome country doctor from Montana who moves to the Big Apple. His down-to-earth style and bedside manner endears him to the patients at a Manhattan HMO, but he encounters resistance from his colleagues and the system. Without losing his values, common sense and country demeanor, Clint adjusts to an urban lifestyle, forming new relationships and encountering new adventures along the way.

Do you ever have times that you can't get enough of something? If so what is it at this moment? For me it is "Tostitos" dips. I love the "Creamy Spinach" and also the "Smooth and Cheesy". It is worth giving a try.