Monday, September 14, 2009

School Lunches can be great and easy if your eating gluten-free.

While I was in the Delta with Steve we had several rain showers. I would call them a big rain but many would not. Anytime rain is running in our yard, it's a big rain to me. Steve was able to continue harvesting beans in spite of the rain. It was raining on the part of the farm our camper is on but was night raining across the field where Steve was harvesting. We're thankful that we were able to take care of all the beans that needed immediate attention!

I left the Delta to come home and go to Jackson with Ashia for a baby shower, well it never happened! It appears Baby Austin is about ready to make her entrance into the world, she tried to arrive 5-weeks early. Mom and Dad spent the night at the hospital and after medicine, many prayers and observation they allowed Dad to bring Mom back home for as long as she can make it. We had to cancel the baby shower. Maybe Austin Rivers is going to be a raging river, I think she already has a mind of her own.

We are still at home counting contractions and getting everything ready for Austin's arrival which could be anytime now. Ben (the Dad) and I have done some serious washing and putting away baby clothes. One of our hardest responsibilities is keeping Ashia on the bed or couch, although she is doing well.

The final touches in getting ready for Austin's arrival. Just two of many MSU gifts. Thank you Pam and Juliana, we appreciate  your helping us prepare for our little Bulldog fan!

Now on to something gluten free....
Preparing lunches for your child can be easy and taste great. Make your child feel normal in front of their friends. Now, you have to remember I am a southern bell and we have a history of baking and frying. I fry very little anymore mostly due to the mess even though we raise Catfish and there is nothing in this world any better than fried catfish, so I do fry them from time to time.

Back to the lunches, make your own bread or use "Gluten Free Pantry's" Favorite Sandwich Bread Mix. Glutino Gluten Free Pantry Favorite Sandwich Bread Mix, 22-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) (review here) That's what I use, it is easy and taste wonderful! I use this bread and make sandwiches of all types such as ham and cheese, hot or cold, sandwiches. YUM

You can also use left over roast and make barbecue with it, use this for barbecue sandwiches. Hunts thick and rich Honey Mustard is gluten-free and how easy, you just poor it right out of the bottle. Serve a salad on the side or eat with your favorite chips.

Make up your favorite Tuna or Chicken Salad recipe and serve it with your favorite gluten-free crackers. My favorite crackers are "Glutino Table Crackers 7 oz. (Pack of 12). I also love fruit with these salads. :) You can also use the salad and make a sandwich or use it in a green salad. These salads are so versatile, quick and easy.

So don't think only gluten-free but think quick, easy and GOOD!