Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Travel tips from you to me

Honey and I have decided to take a trip, we need to get away for around a week. If you know anything about farmers you know that they work ALL the time, we have not been anywhere outside of visiting our children in five years. WOW

So I'm soliciting your help, we want to go somewhere in November or December that we could enjoy some site seeing, eating and resting. We're not like the average couple in that due to Honey's back problems we are limited in how much and what we can do in one day.

Some of the places that we have been and enjoyed are: Chattanooga, Nashville and Memphis TN, San Antonio TX, all over Indiana and Kentucky, Colorado (only in the summer) etc.

I was thinking of maybe New Orleans that's  a place that in the past I have far from loved but have not been there in years so it may be fun to return. I would also LOVE to attend a Satins football game. Have you read Drew Bree's book? If not you must, it is wonderful. I've also check the area for restaurants that can accommodate gluten free eating and they have many!

Then what about the Ozarks? I may be too cold there.

So where have you been that two older people might enjoy? Give me some ideas before Honey decides that he's too busy and we make it six years with no break! :(

Thank you friends I know I can count on you!!! Please HURRY!!!!!