Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Enter to win gluten free merchandise and have a look at my chocolate while you are doing it!

Since our trip to New Orleans I have gained two pounds needless to say when thinking about baking for Christmas I decided that nothing would be gluten-free. If I don't make it gluten free then I won't eat it, right?

Today I started making a few treats for the family. First I made chocolate covered pretzels and they are gluten free I felt this would be ok because how many chocolate covered pretzels would one eat at a time? I'll have to tell you later!

Then I had some chocolate left over and a friend called and said that one of his favorite things this year has been the chocolate covered Ritz with peanut butter. So I used my left over chocolate and made a few. These are not gluten free so no temptations there.

 My ultimate treat, but I didn't make these, I bought them in New Orleans to share and they are WONDERFUL!!!!

I hope the family enjoys them!

Ok, you must read below, this is from my friend Karen Broussard over at the Gluten Free Travel site.

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