Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter Y'all!

I'm getting ready to go celebrate Easter with our youngest children the only wish I have at this point is that we all could be together as a family but since we can't I'll make the best of it.

I have made simple chocolate cupcakes for me and my Punkin to decorate. Now the problem is Punkin will probably apply the frosting and then lick some of it off, its a good thing only Dad, Mom and Pepaw will be eating them! This is how I make memories with the grand-children. I bought my ingredients to do this with my older grandchildren while they were in town but I wasn't home due to a stomach procedure and didn't have the chance to do it so now Punkin and I will decorate them.

Here are the cupcakes before taking them to Starkvegas and if I remember I'll take a photo of the finished product.

For my gluten free dessert I made my Chocolate Chip Cheese Bars, I haven't had them in a while and everyone loves them and they are super easy so it was a no brainer!
I changed my recipe up a little, I added a pudding mix to my cookie mix and a teaspoon of vanilla to my cream cheese mixture. I also used one forth of the mix for the bottom crust and crumbled the rest over the top. It make a crunchier topping with a rich creamy middle and I think I like it a lot better. You can find the recipe Here!

Have a great Easter friend and I'll see you after it's over!

To keep up with what our family is up too you can always click on the photo album at the bottom of this page. I try to blog more food than family but sometimes it's just impossible.

Thanks for stopping by y'all and please come again soon!