Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sharing Easter

Easter is over but I'm still spending a lot of time in Starkvegas. My daughter called me Monday morning to tell me the grand-babies were both sick. She had a doctors appointment on Tuesday and I was to go baby sit for her so we decided that I would go early and help out with the babies. It's a good thing I did my Punkin has strep and has been really sick, we took her to the doctor today and they gave her a shot so she should be feeling better soon!

Here are a few shots I wanted to share from Easter. We had a great time with my Dad and our youngest children on Saturday and then after church on Sunday we road over to visit with Steve's family. We had not seen some of them in a while so that was fun too! I didn't get many photos there because I was too busy visiting.

Remember the cupcakes I made for Punkin to decorate, well here she is with one of them. We had a great time and believe it or not she didn't lick a one of them.

After our Easter egg hunt we had a photo shoot! 

Four Generations with the newest addition to our family.

Sarah and Lida were not with us for Easter but i had to share this, she is growing up so fast.

I haven't seen any Easter pictures of Mary and her family or I would be sure to share them too.

So when the babies are better and I can return home maybe I can start cooking again and share some more great recipes, I have a few in mind now.

Take care and I hope your Easter was as happy as ours.

Thanks for stopping by y'all and please come again soon!