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100 Delectable Recipes for Your Gluten-Free Kid

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This blog features a lot of different health related topics from and this month they have published 100 Delectable Recipes for Your Gluten-Free Kid. This is a great read and while you are at it look at their recent blog post list and check out some of their other topics.

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100 Delectable Recipes for Your Gluten-Free Kid

January 12th, 2011 

Finding recipes that your picky kids will eat is hard enough, but when you add in the requirement that those meals be gluten-free as well, things can get a bit tricky. Luckily, there are loads of other parents, chefs and gluten-free eaters out there who paved the way towards good eating and willingly share their knowledge with others. Here are 100 great recipes created by these gluten-free gurus that are sure to please your little one, at home or at school, while making sure he or she stays happy and healthy at the same time.


These recipes will help you start off the day right – without any gluten.
  1. Breakfast Muffins: Using quinoa flour instead of wheat helps make these healthy muffins tasty and gluten-free.
  2. Pancakes: You don't have to give up yummy pancakes to avoid gluten, as this recipe shows. Add some fruit for a delicious morning meal.
  3. Green Eggs and Ham Quiche: Kids will love this literature-inspired dish for breakfast.
  4. Gluten-Free Granola: When you're in a hurry, this gluten-free snack makes an excellent way to stay healthy.
  5. Overnight Belgian Waffles: Make these waffles ahead of time for a quick, satisfying meal – even when you've got a crazy morning ahead.
  6. Gluten-Free Biscuits: Add some gravy, eggs or jelly and you've got a perfect morning meal in these biscuits.
  7. Bagels: You can make bagels at home and they can be gluten-free! Just try this recipe and see for yourself.
  8. Scrambled Tofu: Eat healthy with this great recipe for eggs and tofu.
  9. Easy Morning Potato Pancakes: Serve up some latkes your kids will love by following this recipe.
  10. Poached Eggs on Toast: This simple, classic comfort food goes gluten-free in this recipe.
  11. Hash Brown Casserole: If you're craving some potatoes for breakfast, whip up this great gluten-free meal.
Pack or make these delicious lunches for your kids. They're sure to please and healthy to boot!
  1. Thai Chicken Wraps: These wraps are healthy, low-cal and, best of all, gluten-free.
  2. Cilantro Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: What kid doesn't love a good grilled cheese? With this recipe you'll get a great take on a classic without all the gluten.
  3. Gluten-Free Spaghetti-Os: You may not be able to eat the store bought variety, but you can make your own version of this meal that kids will love.
  4. Nori Wraps: If your kids like sushi, these delightful wraps can be the perfect addition to any lunchbox.
  5. Teriyaki Chicken Salad: This chicken salad is simple and can be made with leftovers from the night before.
  6. Whole Grain Wraps: Follow this recipe for a gluten-free wrap and stuff it with whatever meats, cheeses and veggies your kids like.
  7. Gluten-Free Nachos: Add some veggies to turn these yummy nachos into a healthier meal.
  8. Avocado and Bean Pasta Salad: This simple pasta salad is sure to please.
  9. Baked Sweet Potato and Bacon: Give your kids some extra nutrition by replacing that potato with a sweet potato.
  10. Tomato Soup: Serve this soup with the gluten-free grilled cheese above and your kid will be a happy camper.
Main Courses
Looking for something to make for dinner? These recipes have got you covered.
  1. Easy and Fast Carbonara: This carbonara recipe will help you whip up dinner in a jiffy.
  2. Quick Roast Chicken with Lemon and Spices: Try out this roast chicken for a healthy, hearty meal on a busy weeknight.
  3. Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas: Even picky eaters won't turn up their noses at this adaptation of a Mexican classic.
  4. Vegetable Sushi: Have some fun with sushi and wrap up delicious veggies for dinner.
  5. BBQ Pulled Chicken: Easy to make and delicious, this recipe is perfect for the gluten-free home.
  6. Pork Ramen: Ramen doesn't have to be boring. Jazz and health it up using this recipe.
  7. Red Beans and Rice: This classic can be adapted to a gluten-free diet with these handy instructions.
  8. Chicken Fajita Quesadillas: Try out this quesadilla recipe for a great dinner in minutes.
  9. Crab and Corn Chowder: Kids will love this salty and sweet chowder for dinner or lunch.
  10. Baked Brown Rice Risotto: This risotto is amazingly healthy and will surely to please your entire family.
  11. Spring Pasta: Spice up some gluten-free pasta with veggies using this recipe.

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