Monday, January 3, 2011

Good Friends, Good Food and Gluten Free

We had a fun New Year celebration, lots of gluten free food and fun with family and friends. One of the greatest things was the Bulldogs won their bowl game!

Of course Punkin was the center of attention. She is talking our ears off but still in a foreign language.

She spent time with everyone in the house.

Friday night we stayed up and brought in the New Year while playing board games. We put Punkin to bed but early Saturday morning Ben came dragging her downstairs it seems that Punkin decided when Dad and Mom came to bed she was ready to celebrate New Years and she did, all night long.
We watched her while Ben and Ash went to watch the football game with friends. And let me tell you, she was soooo easy, she was worn out and slept straight through from the time they left until after the game. Then we all went to Starkville to meet them and have supper together before we said our good-byes.

Thank you Mark and Karen for your visit!!!!

 She had to wear her Maroon and White to Starkville on gameday!

Punkin enjoyed her meal then went back to sleep and slept until the next morning, bless her heart!

Today Honey and I have been making plans to go see our other babies. As we grow older and slow down some we're planning to spend more holidays with them. Sometimes we just have to use our growing older as a benefit and not a limitation!

We're thankful for God's blessing in 2010 and for his promising to see us through 2011!


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Hollie said...

She will TALK your ear off with that foreign language, and I talk right back to her. :) She is at such a fun age!! I just love it.