Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Snow at Our House

We enjoyed watching it snow all afternoon and night on Sunday. I felt so blessed sitting in front of our fireplace, in a warm house, drinking hot drinks and watching the snow.

Monday morning when I got up I was freezing but I thought it was just me, then around nine I realized that our temp in the family room was dropping. So I woke up Honey to come check it out. It seems our downstairs furnace has quit. Honey did all that he could and we have a call in to have it repaired. So now I'm sitting in my house wearing shorts (because our gas logs are keeping it sooo warm) with snow on the ground.

It sounds like it's raining outside so I take it the snow is melting and will soon be just another chapter in our book of life.

Come along with me now.....

Can you see the deer tracks, they came right up to our house ya'll. Honey said, "don't open the door, I believe they'd come inside!"

From the hills!!!

Thanks for visiting and ya'll come back soon.


The Petersons said...

Thanks so much for the thoughts and prayers, and I will keep yall updated! And I was so jealous of all the snow yall got and what they even got in Macon...all we got was ice!!