Saturday, January 22, 2011

And Here's Punkin

Man this was work but she is sooo worth it. While our kids went to celebrate their anniversary we stayed with Punkin in her home.

Here's our visit with Punkin:
She loves to talk on the phone, it's so cute although we don't know a word she's saying.

She ate the whole time, I mean steadily until I wouldn't give her anything else. Seriously for breakfast Saturday she ate three times more than I did, but she probably gets more exercise than I do too.

We had lots of holding and loving time... We had some friends from Indiana stop in for a visit and we let them hold and love her too.

She did a few things that got her in trouble like stand on my computer case, play in the dog's water and throw toys.  She pushed her highchair to the garbage can, I don't know what that was all about.

So we're packed up and ready to go back to the Hills, Punkin will be coming soon as we have company from Florida coming to help celebrate A's birthday.

Thanks for stopping by ya'll  and come again soon as I have a GREAT gluten free review on the way!