Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day weekend

We had a fun Father's Day weekend Steve took two whole days off. This is a big thing for a farmer he made a trip to both farms on Saturday to pick up things and I accused him of not being able to stay away but he swears he only loaded what he needed for the next week and returned to the house.

On Saturday afternoon we road to Starkville and cooked out with Ben and Ashia. They had a few friends over who we enjoyed visiting with and talking about familiar places.

On Sunday Honey and I attended church after accidentally sleeping in. After church we went to a fast food restaurant for lunch, which we never do but I let him choose and we didn't want to stand in line anywhere. After lunch we went home and relaxed, at sun down we both ended up working in the yard a while.

Another blessing this week is re RECEIVED RAIN. We have been so dry our crops and allergies are suffering!

Some photos of our weekend:

Honey, I just happened to have my camera ready if he had seen me he wouldn't have been this happy.

Punkin's #1 baby sitter.

Punkin has a shoe fad going on, just any shoes will do.

Thanks for stopping by y'all please come again soon!