Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Add Some Mayonnaise

I was raised by a wonderful cook. I started working along side her in the kitchen when I was old enough to stand up. I'm not kidding y'all I use to stand on a stool just to help add ingredients or to stir something she was making.

Your children are never too young to learn, it may be a little messy but it will be worth it. I can tell you this from experience, I let my daughter help in the kitchen some but being a working mom it was always just easier to do it myself. I thank God that my mother kept her during the day and so she had many opportunities to cook. I can remember getting home from work and her meeting me at the door excited about the new treats that they had made.

My mother swore that one thing that made her a better cook was the use of mayonnaise. I know this sounds crazy but she added mayonnaise to everything. She added it to her biscuit, her bread, her cakes, her potatoes and so forth the list is endless.

Now I find myself doing the same thing. When I first started cooking gluten free some of my recipes seemed very dry. My dad was visiting one day and said, "well just add some mayonnaise" and that's exactly what I did. Now I add mayonnaise to everything also. Just this morning I made blueberry pancakes and you guessed it I added a dollop of mayonnaise and they were great. I find myself using mayonnaise instead of the oil, I think with the oil I may be too much. I also prefer to use Hellmann's light mayonnaise or with olive oil.

So the next time you are trying to tweak a recipe and need more moisture just add some mayonnaise.

Thanks for stopping by y'all and please come again soon.