Sunday, August 23, 2009

Easy Gluten Free Hamburger Steak

Hey friends, I tried something new this week and it was easy and good, my favorite combination. I wanted a chicken fried steak but thicker like hamburger steak. So I took my hamburger and patted it out in hamburger steak like patties then pressed it into "Bob Mills Gluten Free All Purpose Flour. In the past I've used a combination of flours but this time I only used this one seasoned with a good bit of salt and pepper. They turned out brown and crunchy outside with a soft juicy inside. Due to calories we ate them plain instead of with gravy and I served them with creamed potatoes and green peas. They were wonderful and we ate every single one before I realized I had not taken a photo. Sorry, just picture what I am talking about.

While I was in Florence for Ashia's baby shower I ran across these in my computer case. I had forgotten that Mary had given them to me, but not anymore they are framed and up in our living room. I'm looking forward to our new babies, but I love my big girls!!!

This was taken at school right after Alayna's bicycle accident in the Spring.

Emma's pre-kinder photo.

Emma's graduation from pre-kinder photo. I hate we missed it, we were planning to be there. :( Maybe we can be there for her next graduation!

Samuel David Prystupa

On the way to Florence we stopped by my cousins to borrow a cradle for Ashia to use when Austin first gets here. Sam was not impressed with the cradle at all so maybe Austin will like it. I have seen Sam and heard over facebook how wonderful he is to cuddle and I was able to experience this first hand. After he ate and played for a while he nuzzled his head into the side of my neck and went sound asleep. He is so funny he has to have his face completely buried in something to sleep, if I moved him from my neck he tried to get under my arm. I decided the neck was the better of the two, so with sweat on my neck and his face Sam took a nap.

It is hard for Dad to cook for me, he can't get use to what I can and can not have, and I think he just looks forward to eating out so when I'm there we do a lot of it.

Sunday morning I was going to attend church and lunch with my Dad then pick up Ashia from her Dad's and head home. Wrong again! Ashia woke up Sunday morning feeling bad, I think she was overtired, and so her Dad and step-mom brought her to meet me and we headed home. Spending time with my Dad and seeing some of the Thompson's after all these years was fun, but it's great to be back with Steve on the farm again.

Ashia will be blogging about the baby shower soon and I will probably include some of the photos next time. Until then try to eat Gracefully Gluten Free!!!