Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Never Doubt the Intuition of a Mother!

God has blessed me with a great friend and companion and this weekend is his birthday! I am planning a small celebration and will be baking him an Apple pie, Steve's favorite. Since it's his birthday and not mine I'll use regular pie crust and not gluten-free ones. Read my next blog for photos of the celebration and a recipe of my Gluten-Free Apple pie

Mary called her Dad with a wonderful birthday gift, she is going to have a baby boy, it is due in December! This will be our first grandson and I don't know about the others but I'm ecstatic and I know grandpa is too! I'm sure we'll buy MANY a John Deere toy in the future, what am I thinking we bought them for our girls too. The boy will just enjoy playing with them more!!!! For those new blog readers Mary is our oldest daughter who lives in Southern Indiana. Her and her husband George already have two girls.

It is so weird because all along I have told the family to get ready this was going to be a boy. I just had that feeling deep down inside of me, a Mother's intuition I guess. In the past I have visioned Ben and Ashia or Eric and Sarah with a boy but never George and Mary!

I was recently sick all night with a migraine thank the Lord I had medicine on hand so I made it through the night but could not get rid of the headache. After two days of suffering I went to the Doctor. She seems to think it's all because of my allergies so she gave me some medicine and a shot, I sure hope I feel better soon.

Harvest has began and we are picking or shelling corn in Macon now. This means long days because when the corn is ready we pick regardless of what's going on. We take time off for church on Sunday and that's about it. Harvest should be over sometimes in October just in time for the arrival of Austin Rivers, I hope. Maybe I'll have photos to post of our harvesting at a later date!

Enjoy your week-end I know I'll enjoy mine!!!!