Monday, August 24, 2009

Enough Harmful Stuff to Kill Me!

Ashia and I at her shower.

In my last blog I said I would share more about Ashia's recent shower in Jackson. It was given by her step-mother and attended by her family on her Dad's side and it was very nice. We appreciate the acts of kindness from all the family members. She received many wonderful items that will be used and treasured for years to come. If you attended or had any part in this a big thanks to you!

I am especially thankful that I was able to attend and see many family members that I have not seen in years!!! WOW what a blessing!! We laughed and talked about the old days. It's funny I look back to years ago before I was diagnosed with Celiac, the Lord was merciful because I ate enough harmful stuff to kill me. Not that I didn't suffer but I'm still here! Ashia's aunts and I were talking we use to stand at the bar in the kitchen, never mind sitting down we couldn't fill our plates fast enough that way, so we would stand and eat constantly. No wonder I eventually had a weight problem and had to go on a diet.

Here are a few photos that I wanted to share with you.

Ashia with the food, I really appreciated the fruit tray and dip!

Ashia holding a print of Austin that her step-mother framed for her and the frame matches Austin's room.

I thought this was cute, Ashia is trying out the burp cloths. I guess to see if they will fit her shoulder?

Ashia asked me to take photos with her camera, never mind that I've never used it before. When I made that comment she said that I needed to practice because I'm going to take photos when the baby comes. Do you know how upset my daughter will be if I mess up all the photos of her baby's birth? So this was the first photo that I took, not bad huh? After this one the others were all blurred until she put it on auto, sorry Ash maybe I do need practice.

To see all of the photos from Ashia's shower go to

I have had a sinus headache for days. I don't know just what's going on out there but every time I go out my head starts hurting and sometimes hurts way into the night. Some nights I get very little sleep due to the intense sinus pain, so I am reaalllyyyy tired and ready for a break!

I can't believe how fast time flies the older I get the faster it passes by. It will soon be fall and our summer will be over. I enjoy reading about your summers, it makes me feel like I've gone on vacation with you. I am more excited about this fall than normal because it means the birth of Austin then our baby in Indiana. I've got to give Mary a call and see if baby George has a name? I call him baby George because his Dad's name is George and until this he is the only male in their small family unit!

About eating gluten-free, ok let's see if I can make an excuse. Due to being really busy, lazy, or let's just say uninterested I haven't cooked anything new or worth blogging this week. I made spaghetti but thanks to Great Value's Gluten-Fee Spaghetti Sauce I made a quick version. Really I have been gone daily until late in the afternoon and it's hard for me to run in and cook a gourmet meal, so we've ate simple this week.

Please continue to watch my blog because I promise to give recipes and hints on how to live Gracefully Gluten-Free.

Love to you friend!


~Alberto and Allison~ said...

Ha ha! I love the picture of Ashia "trying on" the burp cloth!!! :) It fits her shoulder just lovely! Hahaha!