Wednesday, December 2, 2009

GALS (God's Amazing Ladies in Service)

This has been a fun week thus far. Monday we all went to lunch then Steve and I chased parts while Ashia and Ben went to Eupora and picked up Austin's newborn photos. She has grown sooo much since then it's hard to believe she was ever that small!

On Tuesday I went over and watched Austin for a while for Ashia. She was so cute, she laid down on a pillow and cooed and laughed. I swear she was trying to tell me something but I never did get it. She is really at a fun stage right now.

Tuesday night we had our GALS (God's Amazing Ladies in Service) Christmas party. We have had secret sisters for a year now and at this time our sisters were revealed!

I made Betty Crocker's "Chocolate Chip Cookies" and took. They didn't look great but they tasted good. I understand others have had similar problems and say that you need to add flour to the mix, maybe I'll try that next time. Steve has enjoyed the leftovers! :)

 The finished product! You can buy these mixes at your local Kroger.

I was Lynda's secret sister. Lynda lives down the street from us across from Ben and Ashia. It's a miracle that I didn't get caught, or Ben didn't, putting things in her mailbox. 

 Mrs. Ann was my secret sister but she was sick and didn't make the party. Mrs. Ann has sent me tons of happies, cards, and gifts. THANK YOU MRS. ANN!! I love you!

Ashia was Pooh's secret sister!

Ashia's secret sister was Natalie. Natalie is a friend of the family and I just knew that Ashia would figure it out but she didn't. If you know Ashia you know it's very hard to keep a secret from her but we did it!!!