Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day Two

The girls were so good this morning, the next two days of school are party days so they were ready.

Emma was able to wear her jammies today, what fun. I wish I could wear my jammies to the grocery store and hospital but I'm thinking I had better get dressed! They were having a "Polar Expess Day" at school.

Alayna was having a  normal school day but with the party beginning. I can't wait to hear their stories of what they did today.

We slipped away to the hospital while the girls were at school. Poor baby didn't stand at chance when these two grandparents got our hands on him. He is such a little man (very little)!

I know I look awful but I am happy, Joshua even thought I looked awful!

We had a little talk, then Pepaw and I left to go take care of the girls.

He makes the funniest faces.

Ashia this ones for you. Look what they use with their babies in the hospital here!

After we fed them we took the girls back to the hospital. I hope Josh is ready for this, they are sure excited and plan to well take care of him.

They've got a lot to learn, they do pretty well holding him but when they are ready to hand him over to someone they just push him forward and let go. George spent a lot of time tonight explaining how careful they have to be. My THREE babies Wow!

My Diet....
I bet your thinking what are you eating all this time? While the kids and Pepaw have donuts for breakfast, a family tradition anytime we visit out kids, I have General Mills Ceral or a piece of toast and coffee.

When I arrived Sunday Mary had bought me a bag of groceries in it was "Ener-G Tapoica Loaf".  While this isn't my favorite bread it is good to have something different once in a while. I've really enjoyed the small sandwiches I've been able to have. The bread I keep on hand is large slices and I have to eat a lot of half of sandwiches.

She had also bought, "Blue Diamond Natural Nut-Thins" these have been really good with Mississippi States, "Edom Cheese". Thank you George for sharing your cheese with us.


ashia said...

man, i sure am jealous that the hospital gave them mams!! i told you they were the best! =) i heard river oaks suites does the same thing, but i've never seen proof.