Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Party Time!!!

We attended a Christmas party with a lot of our friends last night. I want to thank Morris and Mariam for hosting the party and Cornerstone Community Church for providing the facilities. I also want to thank those who thought about my crazy gluten-free diet and provided foods that I could eat. DeColores!!!!!!

I took a few photos to share but was told by several others (mainly my family) that it was rude to take photos of people eating. Well, there's just one problem with that, when this group gets together all we do is eat!!

One of my friends went and bought Hellmann's mayonnaise and made devil eggs just so I could eat them! Thank you Mark and Karen!!!!

Some told me the ingredients to see if I could possibly eat it. As you can see I had plenty I could eat!

There was one person who didn't eat a thing, so I took a few photos of her. I think she was talking to Merl though.

Our entertainment!

Now for the new news I am washing and packing right now. It looks as though Joshua may make is appearance earlier than we had thought. So we are getting things ready to leave for Indiana to receive our Christmas gift! Maybe I can post photos of the new baby soon!