Friday, December 11, 2009

A Great Night in The Good's Household,

Man, last night Steve and I had the best supper, just don't count the calories! :)  I made a small roast and crreamed potatoes. To cook the roast I rubbed it with salt and pepper and then sprinkled "Glutano Cream of Mushroom Soup Base" all over it. I added just enough water to cover the bottom of the crockpot and let it cook all day. Then I made creamed potatoes from scratch. I was going to cook other items but we are leaving for Indiana soon and so we gorged on meat and potatoes. I was sooo good, I wish I had leftovers!

After supper Ben and Ashia brought Austin over to stay with us while they went to a high school basketball game. We enjoyed our time with her, we'll sure miss her while we are in Indiana.

She is beginning to watch movement and Steve and I had college basketball on TV. She would just stare at the screen, Steve said, "Oh, no your rubbing off on her." I wish that were so but I really think she would watch anything with a lot of movement at this time.

We talked a lot and she would coo and laugh, she is so much fun! I didn't take the little hat off for a long time because I was cold and it was so cute. When I did take it off her little head was sweaty, bad Gammy, she was much happier then.

Thank you Ben and Ashia for allowing us to have time with your little princess!

We'll be leaving for Indiana Sunday if nothing changes to receive our new Christmas present Joshua William!!!! YEAH


ashia said...

that hat didn't match! haha. ben said thanks for telling everyone that you're going out of town, and now he has to go watch your house at night. i told him i didn't think the thugs of prairie point read your blog! =)