Monday, June 28, 2010

Magic Grove Farms of Vermont Review

I've lived for years, seven to be exact, on a farm in Central MS. We have a small town grocery and I have found very little there labeled gluten-free which has forced me to shop at other places. I have fallen in love with Kroger while being on this journey, they have a lot to offer in the gluten-free world. I use to order a lot from Gluten Free Mall and don't get me wrong they have a large variety and their prices aren't all that bad either the good thing about ordering from them is you can order only one of any product if you want. Although one of my favorite places is shopping and you can order only one there too but the items are limited.  I have found that if I am ordering an item that I'm going to keep on hand or that I love and want to be able to share with others is the better choice.

Recently while in our local store I bought one of the gluten-free items that they carry "Magic Grove Farms of Vermont" Pancake and Waffle mix.  First I used it to make biscuits like I use Pamela's Baking mix. They weren't good to this southern girl, the texture was ok but they were too sweet. So recently I used it for what it was made for, pancakes. And for this they worked great, light and fluffy and sweet enough you really didn't need to put anything on them. So a piece of advice if you buy "Magic Grove Farms of Vermont" Pancake and Waffle mix, make pancakes, waffles or something else sweet.

Once again I have been spending a lot of time at the kids, we haven't received rain in the flat land for six weeks now so Honey is practically living there running the pivot and furrow irrigation. I've been busy here packing and keeping clothes washed so when the time comes we'll be ready to move. So the last time I was with A she was on one. That girl crawls so fast I think she should be entered in a contest of some sort, I mean she is a speed crawler. Now our little speed crawler has two teeth. She has been teething forever it seems and I had said, "once the teeth start coming in they'll probably pop in like popcorn," and they have. She had one and the next time I saw her she had two, now I wonder how many she'll have the next time I see her?

She's always busy, never still unless she's asleep!

I'll be sharing some of the happenings around the hills area in hopes that SOMEONE will come and visit us, so stay tuned for that. Thank you for stopping by and PLEASE keep in touch!!


Cindy said...

Cute blog! Kroger is one of my favorite sources for gf too.