Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's Goulash?

Now that we are moving when Honey and I are at the farm we always find a time that the kids need a babysitter and we can spend some time with Pumpkin. Here are some photos from one of our last visits.

She has a new toy that a friend gave her and she loves it. 

She plays with it all the time.

She'll loose her balance and fall from time to time but forgives and forgets very easily!

Her latest thing is to squeal and wait until we squeal back and then she'll squeal again.

It may be noisy but to this Gammie it is cute!

When we ignore her she'll stop.

When Mom returned from the grocery store she played with EVERYTHING! This girl can get into the most stuff......

So... What is Goulash?
My Mom use to make this every summer when the vegetables began to come in and I still love it. I was recently craving it so I made some just for myself.

Goulash is a popular dish in Hungary and its neighbors in central Europe and the Balkans, and is widely known in other parts of the world. ... A mixture of many different elements; a hodgepodge.

You can use any vegetable that you have on hand. I used carrots, potatoes, onions, yellow squash and zucchini squash chopped in bite size pieces. Then I added 2 beaten eggs to my veggie mixture. After this I fold in my favorite gf flour mix and cornmeal. I brown it in just a little oil and simmer until done. I could eat the whole thing, but I refrained and saved some for later. Here it is pictured with a broiled chicken breast.

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Thanks have a great gluten-free week.


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