Sunday, August 15, 2010

I didn't know they existed... now I need recipes!

 Ok, now to show my ignorance, I know nothing about trees. I remember in high school our teacher taking us on nature walks and pointing out different trees and the history behind them. I also remember thinking what is he talking about? I never could get the gist of it. Well Honey and I were passing by our house a couple of days ago and I noticed something hanging from several of our trees. I asked, "honey what is that"? And he told me that's apples. Friend I had no clue that I have fruit trees in my yard. I've told you before I'm not an outside girl as much as I would like to be, oh I use to spend a lot of time outside but now when I go out my face itches, I start sneezing and I stop up tight as a drum besides it being over 100 degrees here right now. So I have chosen to go out on short walks to the mail box and maybe pull a few blades of grass from my flower beds, don't come looking because I haven't done that lately, or sweep off the front porch or deck other than that I am in the house where it is comfy and cool! Ahhhhh

Well Honey and I picked the apples off our trees, we don't know if they are ripe or not we just picked what felt right. But listen to me friend we picked around a bushel! Yes, you understood me we went out dressed nicely thinking that we would get about one dozen apples and surprise, surprise! I plan to make some dishes with my apples but first I have a chore on the farm.

Send me your favorite Apple recipe PLEASE! You can tag it in an e-mail or write it in the comment section! I'd appreciate it I love trying new things.

I have to go take care of Punkin, we'll see what we can get into. Here's Punkin the last time I was there with her.

By the way we met some more neighbors, they were on their afternoon walk and couldn't help but notice the crazy lady up in the tree. Holy Moly They chatted with us as they walked to the end of the street and turned around.

Now besides an apples tree we have this little jewel and I don't feel quiet so bad because Honey doesn't know what it is either. Would you be so kind as to identify it for us? You can just leave me a comment, we'd sure appreciate it!
It's leaves are different from the apple trees and it has a slightly fuzzy feel, by the way it didn't feel right so we didn't pick it! Winky

Sunday morning we went to church and when parking we noticed that the parking lot was full of antique cars. Now I don't guess I'm the sharpest tool in the shed because I really thought that they were there from a antique car show. Honey said that he thought they were part of the movie "The Help" being filmed in town but I disagreed. Well, he was right, it seems the church parking lot has the campers of the set up crews, cars, props and utility type vehicles parked there for now because one of the sites for "The Help" is right next door to the church. That afternoon we drove by and I took my camera but the crew were out working so I didn't want to look like a complete nut and only took a few photos on the run.

After reading the book, which I loved by the way, I'd like to see some of the stars in the future. Maybe???????
Don't forget to send me your favorite apple recipe!Waiter