Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Can your headaches be due to simple dust?

Yes, from experience I tell this story! You probably know by now we have moved to the Hills. During my time of unpacking I have been having terrible sinus headaches that have turned into a migraine during the night. It got to the point that I was so tired from night after night of no sleep that I was continually in tears. Of course Honey was praying for me and I started crying out to God to show me what was going on so I could, if at all possible, change it. Several times I just set and relived the last couple of days and asked myself is there anything that I have done that could have provoked this? I tried everything, I signed up at pollen.com and started keeping a diary of my daily allergy symptoms. You can find a link to this about halfway down my page on the right hand side. The thought came to me dust and boxes. Sooo I started leaving my boxes in the garage, instead of honey bringing them in a few at a time, and instantly my headaches got better. I still have a stuffy head and light headache from time to time, probably from working in the garage, but I have not had a migraine in a week now! There are times when just praying and thinking helps me more than an allergy doctor.

While I finish unpacking I have been taking a Allegra D every morning and then a Tylenol sinus/allergy at night. Hey it may be a little much but it seems to work for me.

Punkin is starting to want to share EVERYTHING, I'm thankful for that because being the only child at this time she could NOT want to share everything.

This is what she does when she is sleepy or just waking up. It was so funny I was cuddling her and she decided that she needed to share her blankie. Every time I took it down she would put it right back up to my nose. When I started holding it there she would look at me and fall out laughing! I have to admit I look kind of funny here!

Punkin and A came and spent a few days with me while the men were harvesting. We had so much fun shopping, eating and relaxing. If there is nothing else to do here you can ALWAYS eat!

Photos from our visit:

I was taking care of Punkin and putting on my make-up while her mom was taking a  shower. When all else fells a big tub comes in handy!

Do I dare? Bless her heart the water would have drowned her, but she didn't!

She loves holding Syd on a leash, now I don't think Syd likes it at all but she doesn't complain only looks at you a little sad.

I thought she was going to kiss her!

Gammy made her eggs, I think this was her first.

And I don't think she really liked them.

Aunt Gail sent us a gift and Punkin loved the box!

Sitting in Gammy's chair, she doesn't think chairs are made to sit in. You either stand in them or push them.

She usually tumbles out forward but this time she slipped out and stood up. I think I was holding her right arm.

I was praising her on how good she did, this is her smile!

Always into something.

First Ranch dressing at Crystal Grill! Sometimes I wonder if our children really want to see us or just go eat at Crystal Grill. We all love it!

Next weekend my other grand babies will be in town and I am soooo excited. Get ready for Gammy to brag, there'll be lots of photos I'm sure! I need to start cooking now so I can just take photos then! LOL