Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday!

 Monday was my Honey's birthday and he worked all day. I appreciate the sacrifices he makes for me. Happy Birthday Honey. Heart Beat

We enjoyed a lazy Sunday with my dad and some of our children. Our oldest daughter (Mary) and her family were in town for her mother and father-in-laws 50th wedding anniversary and they made a special attempt to come see us and the new house. Also our youngest children were here with their baby Punkin. Since Monday was Steve's birthday we had a special lunch for him on Sunday. What better birthday gift than to spend the afternoon with your children and grand-children?  I promise we would have it no other way. 

While shopping for the kids to come for a visit I realized that "Wishbone" labels their dressings if they are gluten-free. When I find something like this I buy only that brand, so from this day forth Wishbone it is!

Honey's favorite dessert is apple pie. I try to make him an apple pie anytime there is a special occasion, it just makes it more special. Since it would be his birthday I wanted to make him a pie, but for some reason I wanted it to be different. Lord only knows why because it would be filled with gluten and I wouldn't know whether it was good or not, but I did. So I went to one of my favorite blogs "Deep South Dishes" and searched for a new apple pie recipe. I chose her "Old Fashioned Apple Pie" recipe and it was a hit, the family ate almost the whole thing even though I had a gluten-free yellow cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate chip cookies also with gluten.

Here are a few photos to share our time together!

Get Recipe HERE!
The only change I made was I used apple jelly instead of mango.

We had not seen them since February so this was a special treat! J was sooo full of personality and kept us laughing while the girls are growing into such young ladies.

Punkin played with our Chunky Monkey's phone.

But she really watched him when he had her tether.

After a while she decided that he didn't need it any longer.

G is always thinking..... Thinking

Our children and treasures!

A letter of apology. I'm horrible at taking photos! When I have company I just want to spend time with them and sometimes they leave before I realize that I missed getting photos of some of them. During the time I took these the older girls were upstairs playing so I totally missed them, but it doesn't mean that I love them any less. Maybe soon I can rob some good ones to share from Ashia, she always does a good job!


Mary at Deep South Dish said...

Well, here I was thinking they were all great photos!! :) Sweet pictures and looks like a nice time. Thanks for the shout out to my recipe and gotta say, your pie looks gorgeous!! Glad y'all enjoyed the recipe.

Susi said...

Hi there! What a nice blog you have here. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease about a week ago.. now studying all I can, and also looking for other coeliacs to make friends and share ideas. Hope your weekend is good.