Saturday, August 14, 2010

Amy's review and opinions needed!

Have you tried any of Amy's gluten-free dinners? I've tried a lot of the Mexican and the Mac and Cheese. They are all great, I love to eat the Mexican dinners with a few tortilla chips topped with sour cream. I've found these in Wal-mart and Kroger so far, go get some to try!

Ashia took a few photos of my treasures and I had to share this one with you.

After all of the family left Honey and I had leftover roast beef so I used my Pamela Baking Mix and made a beef pie. It was delicious we ate every bite!

1. the kids and grand-babies wall

2. Above our bed

3. The other family members wall, most in original frames

4. another wall

I need your help! I am going to hang photos such as these in my bedroom. The walls are a medium gold and I want all black and whites to go with my red and gold  see HERE. My question is (please give your opinion) should I reframe all of the older ones in a black/gold frames such as #1? I still have a lot to frame that are not shown here. Please leave a comment or you can e-mail me.


ashia said...

YES, i think you should reframe them.

Cindy Huerkamp said...

I'm with Ashia, Grace. I love old frames but these look like thay may blend into your walltoo much. Maybe you can use them somewhere else with other old pics.