Monday, August 1, 2011

What all have I missed out on?

A while back a lady from our church called and asked me if I would like to volunteer at our local museum in Greenwood. Since I work from home, can make my own hours and love meeting new people I decided to go for it. I have worked at the museum twice now and I am really enjoying it. I love talking to the people who stop by and asking, "so how did you hear about Cottonlandia" or "what brings you to Greenwood".

I have made new friends by attending our monthly friends of Cottonlandia meetings. I have to admit the first time I went to a meeting I felt like, other than the directors, I was a baby at a retirement village but y'all these are some of the sweetest people I have met in Greenwood. They are always lifting me up and making me feel better about myself when I talk to them.

Today we had brunch and one lady asked why I was only eating fruit. I had the chance to share with a table full of people the reason I couldn't eat at public events. I didn't do it to make them feel sorry for me because I have embraced living gluten free and it's no longer a big deal for me it is my new norm. But when the brunch was over she kissed me on the cheek and told me that she would be praying for me. It was sooo sweet.

Now as I think back I think about the many times I have not participated because of the age difference and all that I have missed out on. I am soooo looking forward to my new adventure with these other 60+ volunteers and the fun we will have in the future. If you are ever in the Mississippi Delta and get the opportunity to stop in come see us at Cottonalandia soon to be The Museum of the Mississippi Delta after all it's much more than a museum about cotton. And I promise we have the best volunteers in the state you are guaranteed to leave feeling better than when you arrived.

Read all about us HERE!

Last Saturday Honey and I went and spent the day with Punkin I had not seen her in a while so I was so excited. She is so much fun and into everything she keeps us hopping. She didn't take a long nap and so in the afternoon she was a little grouchy but I wouldn't have traded the time for anything. One of the memories we made was since Punkin was grouchy Honey took her for a walk so I could finish my supper when I paid our bill and went out looking for them I found them in a near by Subway eating cookies. She had crumbs all over her with a big smile on her face. Another highlight was putting her to bed, I read a bible story and prayed and when I said Amen, she said Amen reached up to kiss me and said night night. It was so cute. Just another sign she growing up.

Snack time, if I'd known about the cookies later we would not have eaten so many at home.

Looking for her 25th movie to watch and I'm not kidding either, I finally had to put my foot down.

That's all for now next time I'll be sharing some of my favorite blogs, recipes etc.

Thanks for stopping by y'all and please come again soon.