Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can a Migraine/Allergy Sufferer be a Farmer?

This is a question I’ve thought about from time to time. I help out on the farm by transporting workers and what we call chasing parts or making runs to pick up supplies but I have not done much else, until this trip to the delta. I have done my usual chasing supplies and helped Steve with several other things. Here are photos to tell what we had going on.

We have a crew putting up an equipment shed. After they left on Thursday I picked up some around the grounds and burned Steve’s seed bags.

We had someone come in and clean out a large ditch that runs through our farm and the farm of several others. We've had a lot of rain here so this was necessary. Steve and I checked out the work several times during the day. Pictured is Steve meditating on what is going on.

I helped clean and reassemble sprayer parts for the planter.

I watched to make sure none of the tubes were plugged, we had several that were but after applying water pressure they came clean fast.

At one point I looked close by and low and behold there was a birds nest that Steve had found in the planter laying on the ground.

If you look close in this photo Steve has the nest in his hand to return to where the mother was searching for it. He’s also returning a toolbox that I had taken to the field for him earlier. It may not have seemed heavy for him but it sure was to me.

I made several runs for supplies, after this one Steve had me come to the field so that he could get something out of the truck. When I pulled in he looked in the back of the pickup and asked did I go to town with the tailgate down. I told him, “if it’s down now I did”. He had place a gallon jug of chemical worth around $100 on the back of the truck and it was gone. Thank the good Lord we retraced my route and found it on side of the road where I had turned a curve.

It is bedtime and after a busy day we are ready for rest and relaxation.

Can a migraine/allergy sufferer be a framer, not this one Steve doesn't have to worry about me trying to run things! LOL

I woke up with a migraine this morning and have been sick all day. I guess it's from working outside so much yesterday it started off a bad sinus headache and turned into a migraine. I tried using my great little herb pack my daughter made me (thank you Sarah)! It helps my sinuses to start draining and relieves some of the pain when I heat it in the microwave and lay it across my eyes.

Now the rain has started and we have returned to Macon to attend church and celebrate Memorial Day. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Good Farms in the flat land.