Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is It Allergy Heaven or Allergy Hell?

I spent the weekend with my Dad and I could not resist walking out in his flowers and taking a few photos. After a short while my nose and face was itching sooo bad that I made a quick run back inside. It’s a shame I have to stay in so much I love outside this time of year.

I want to Harrisville, which is south of Jackson, to celebrate my niece’s thirteenth birthday. On Saturday, her Mom and Dad had a cookout for her with a few family and friends. It was fun to get to visit with people who I never get to visit with anymore.

I didn’t have to worry about eating my Dad did the grilling and when I arrived he had set me a piece of chicken and hamburger to the side and made sure that it didn’t come in contact with anything else. I am always blessed when people go the extra mile to make sure I don’t get sick.

Prior to going to Dad’s I had four sleepless nights with bad sinus headaches, two of them turning to a migraine. I was really discouraged and had decided not to go on my trip but Steve and I decided that I needed to get away and see if I was sick away from home. I hated to call Steve when I got up Saturday morning because I had slept all night with NO headache, the same for Saturday night also. Now I am racking my brain trying to figure out why I am having such bad headaches here at home. I know I have been eating correctly I’ve gone to extra measures to make sure of that. We really think this is environmental because I have sooo many things I am allergic to. Maybe it’s a tree pollinating who knows it’s hard to tell when you live on a farm!

New Find

Today I ran by our local grocery store to pick up a few things and what I found excited me so much that I started to run up to a stranger just to tell her. Can’t you get the picture, “they are labeling more and more things that I like gluten-free”? She’d probably ask, “what is gluten”? One time I had someone in a seafood restaurant to tell me, “we don’t cook with gluten here.” I stared at her with my mouth open and a friend gently kicked me under the table. He was laughing when she walked away and said, “I could just see you calling her stupid”. I told him, “I did in my head”! Most people have no clue what we are talking about.

Bake to my story. They are now labeling “Hellman’s Mayonnaise” and “Smart Balance Peanut Butter” as gluten-free. In the past I have used mostly Hellman’s mayonnaise not because it was labeled gluten-free but because as far as I could tell it didn’t contain gluten and I like it. Now I can use it with assurance that it is gluten-free. I get so excited each time I go to the grocery store and see that more and more companies are beginning to label whether it does or does not contain gluten. I guess unless you have Celiac or someone in your family does you may not understand the importance of this. It makes our life simpler and we are able to live gracefully gluten-free.