Saturday, May 9, 2009

Headaches in the storm!!!!

I hope you have or had a good Mother’s Day, I don’t think we always realize what a special day it is until we loose our mother. I always miss my Mom so much on Mother’s Day. For years I couldn’t stand to look at Mother’s Day cards but I am doing better in that area now, for those who have lost your Mom, healing of some things comes with time.

I feel as though I have not accomplished much this past week because I have been sick everyday with a headache. I've had to take my migraine medicine a couple of times (Relpax) and after that was useless. I thought at one time I had figured out something going on out of the ordinary that might be causing them I would even look forwarding to going to bed and getting some rest. But, I guess I was wrong because I corrected the problem but the headache is still with me. I have come to the point a couple of times this week of wanting to cry, I know I am just overly tired. This too shall pass, it always does. I just hating dealing with it day by day and not feeling like going anywhere are doing anything.

Sometimes I think my environmental allergies are worse than my problems with gluten. With celiac I can at least stay on my diet. With environmental if there is dust, pollen, grass, animals, mold, mildew and the list is enormous I get a headache. The different trees pollinating now could be triggering my headaches. Some of the main ones at this time are hickory, oak, pecan and ash. There are several of these around our house and farm so basically I live with headaches!

OK so here is my question. What do you cook and eat that is gluten-free when you don’t feel like cooking and have no leftovers? It's hard for me to eat anyway when I feel so bad and poor Steve he just about has to cook for himself.

I am keeping Sydney this weekend while Ben and Ashia are gone to Jackson to attend a baby shower for one of my cousins. When Sydney stays here we don't go outside and she misses that. She is puppy pad trained so I just keep fresh pads in her bathroom. Yes, she has her own bathroom at grandmas, if not every time someone goes in it she scratches on the door to get in. She is a little spoiled to say the least! This is a photo of her on her couch; she has her own blanket, toys and pillow! We call it hers because with my allergies I don't let her use my blanket etc.

Steve and I went riding around the farm to see how much the crops have grown in the last few days and Sydney (the dog) went with us. She enjoyed riding with her head out my window and letting her ears blow in the wind. Though she is not big enough to stand up to it by herself so she stood on my leg. She can be so funny, lazy too, she stood a while and then lay back with her head against me and her leg propped up on the window for a while. I guess she needed to rest. ☺

To make goulash.....

For supper last night I made one of our favorite dishes, goulash. I was in the grocery store and they had some fresh yellow squash that looked great so I bought some, I already had fresh sweet potatoes and carrots to add to the mix. To make goulash I use fresh vegetables, whatever you
have on hand. I clean and cut them up in chunks, add salt and pepper to taste and then mix in enough rice flour to coat. I fry them in a little EEOO (extra virgin olive oil) until brown and tender. My family absolutely loves this it is a dish my mom use to make every summer. You can use any combination of vegetables. My favorite is different types of squash, onions, potatoes, bell peppers and okra! UUMMM it is good, you need to try it.

Thanks for stopping by y'all and please come again soon!