Friday, May 29, 2009

Instant Relief for Allergy Eyes

Steve and I returned to the Delta on Thursday morning to what we thought was finish a job. On Wednesday afternoon I had talked to my Dad who said that he saw on radar where it had rained in Inverness, but he didn’t think it was much. We were in for a surprise. When we got to within 20 miles of Inverness we saw that it was really wet but thought maybe they had received more rain than us, not so. On our farm rain was running between the rows in the field, the crops look good but the fields are wet! In the last few weeks we have received 22+ inches of rain on our farm here. We are able to monitor it closely because our crop pilot’s airstrip is directly across the road from some of the land we farm. Macon is wet but Inverness is much wetter, the neat thing is the type soil we have here will dry up twice as fast as anywhere else. God has truly blessed us with a wonderful farm in Inverness!!!!

On Thursday night we ate at our local restaurant “Hometown” where I came really close to being glutened. I ordered a chef salad that I have ordered before, the girl that usually waits on us knows of my disease and wheat allergy and she automatically knows I don’t eat bread or fried foods. Also the chef is a friend who knows that when he has a order labeled NO BREAD it is usually for me. We have gone over spices etc. that he can use in preparing my food and I have become spoilt because they never mess up on my order. A different girl waited on us this time and it never occurred to me that she had never waited on me before and may not know about the gluten thing. When I ordered she asked, “is there anything you want left off your salad?” And my reply was, “no you’ve made it for me before and did a good job!” When I received the salad it looked great but instead of diving right in I started cutting the lettuce in smaller bites and noticed that under some of the toppings there were CROUTONS! I was bummed. Bless his heart Steve had ordered grilled fish and baked potato and we switched plates instead of my having to send my salad back. My meal was still great but I hated that Steve had to eat a salad instead of his wonderful fish.

After supper Steve and I decided to take a walk around the walking track. The track runs through the middle of town and is really neat. It has barbecue grills, picnic tables, benches and even a couple of drinking fountains. Our walk didn’t last long because I did not have on my walking shoes and before I made it half way around the track my foot started hurting, so much for getting old. Next time I'll make sure to wear the oppropriate shoes, the track is great and I'd love to use it.

Friday we had to chase parts and was out at lunch. Because it was early lunch we were able to go to Shoney's and get salad bar. I love good salad bars but am always afraid of cross contamination I figured that this was the best I would be able to do, many people were still eating breakfast and we were the first ones to dip into that wonderful salad bar!

All day Friday my eyes itched and burned but I did find one relief and it was great, “Visine-A” eye allergy relief. Steve had bought this but I had not thought to try it until I became desperate and starting looking for something. It numbed my eyes and gave me instant relief!