Saturday, November 13, 2010

Health update and basketball game.

It is 3am and I am up with a terrible sinus headache. If you read one of my earlier post I am having a few health issues. Yesterday morning I had a doctor's appointment to discuss my results on the test ran to see why my blood pressure is staying so high. The test results came back ok, praise the Lord. The whole time I was in the doctor's office I was sniffing with runny eyes, a normal with me. He decided to give me something to dry it up and dry it up it did. Now I think that I may be overly dry because I have a headache, but who knows right?

On another note we are at the farm taking care of Punkin and we had a fun time together last night. We took Punkin to a MSU men's basketball game. Honey and I began this adventure really tired and Punkin was wound up. She had a blast eating her hot dog and flirting I might add with boys in the student section. We moved from our normal seats to sit behind the rail so that she could walk without us being afraid she'd fall. I think she enjoyed this little bit of freedom although either I or Honey had a hand on her at all times and she tried several times to ditch us. We made it until after the first half when bless her heart she got tired took her blankie and tried laying down in the seat. We tried everything to get her to relax in our arms but she would not cooperate. Finally we decided that it was time to head home so I dressed her in her pj's and off we went. She feel asleep in the car and after we got her home I changed her diaper quickly as she whined and reaching for her bed. I know babies are ok when they get tired like this but it always makes me feel bad. I feel that due to my selfishness of having to see a basketball game I have worn her out, well she wore me out too so I guess we're even. I tell you what Dad and Mom have their hands full with this little lady, she knows how to get the boys attention and she's only 14 months ya'll.

Photos of our night out:

Finally ready for the game, I'm not as good as I use to be with the hair thing!

 Ok, so that's enough of one pose?

Eating her hot dog while watching the real Dawgs!!

Oh, man this is good!!!

We had several ceremonies and raising of new banners.

Always time for a little reading.

By the way I had to just eat my bar at the game, the result of being a Celiac with high blood pressure but hey we won the game so that made it worth it.

Now, tonight we will watch the Dawgs in action in football; man a win would be the icing on the cake for these Bulldog fans.