Friday, November 19, 2010

New 2010 Gluten Free Holiday Baking E-Book - Download it NOW!!!

I love my readers, family and friends and because of this I have teamed up with some other wonderful cooks to create a holiday gift just for you! So many of you have impacted my life in many ways whether it is by your support, comments, e-mails or actually cooking for me in your home and I  want to say a big Thank YOU!!!!

My friend Jeanine of "The Baking Beauties" has put this cookbook together for all of us to benefit from and I was to say a huge thanks go her, I think she did a first class job! 

So lets get started and... Happy Holidays!

By clicking the above image, you will be taken to Google Documents. You do NOT need a Google account to be able to download the e-book, no worries. You WILL need Adobe Reader to view it though. Once the document opens up in Google Docs, you can either open as a PDF in Adobe Reader, print it, or save it to your hard drive. I know I'll excited about having all these recipes in my kitchen!

Thank you so much to all the contributors, make sure you check out their blogs as well. There is a LOT of great food on these GF food blogs, so there is no reason any of us should feel left out this holiday season.

Aine Olson
Annette Ross
Beth Maurer
Deb Steel
Jeanine Friesen -
Johnna Perry -
Kathleen Duquette -
Kathryn Hogan
Lady Fire-Eyes
Linda Etherton -
Maggie Savage -
Sara Jeanne Burke
Sarah Roberson -
Shoshana Ohriner -
Tamara Wheeler

From our homes to yours...Have a Blessed Holiday Season!