Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mississippi State Basketball and Gluten Free Travel Reviews.

 We are enjoying our weekend with the kids. We got here on Thursday morning and had to unload the truck and leave to drive Honey's older brother to Tuscaloosa. We stopped by B and A's to see them one minute before we got on our way. I always hate to just kiss punkin and then leave, I want to stay and play.

Thursday turned out to be a good day, Honey's brother has lots of issues in his life and when we spend time with him we always realize that it could be the last time we are together. When we arrived to pick him up he had bought me flowers and a box of cookies. It was so sweet of him but I can't make him understand that I can't eat the cookies. I told Honey when he ask about how I liked them just tell him I'm working on them.

We arrived back to the farm in time to eat supper with B and A, and to see Punkin in one of her Christmas outfits. A had taken her to see Santa at "Sisters Photography" studio and she was scared of him. We're hoping that she will enjoy breakfast with Santa at North Greenwood Baptist in a few weeks.

Punkin gives all of us love all the time now, needless to say we don't mind.

So on Friday the men worked and we rested then Saturday we spent the day in Starkvegas where we watched the bulldogs 1st basketball game of the season. It was an exhibition game but that's ok with me as long as I see them play. Sorry friends you'll be hearing a lot about basketball for a while now, I watch every game possible. By the way God has blessed us with season tickets for seven years in a row now.

After the game we decided to go to a Japanese Steak House "UMI" in Starkvegas. I can't remember the last time that I went to a Japanese Steak House and I'm not sure if Honey has ever been but we both enjoyed it. The funny thing was there were three people sitting at the hibachi with food allergies and the waiter nor chef had any problem catering to each individual specific need.

The food and service were wonderful and I definitely will be returning in the near future.

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If you have any reviews you can submit for a restaurant in Mississippi we sure would appreciate it. We're lacking for reviews in the Mississippi area and people we are known as the Hospitality state. What's wrong with that?

Thanks for stopping by see you soon.


Karen Broussard said...

Grace, Thanks again for trying to "rally the troops" to submit some reviews from Mississippi!

We, too, dined at a Japanese Steak House this weekend with our kids and a couple other families. Had a table for was a blast. Typically we bring gluten-free soy sauce, but we happened to be out, so we figured we'd just ask them to prepare the food without soy sauce (still always very tasty). But lo and behold they had a customer who'd dined there recently and left their bottle of gluten-free soy sauce behind, so they used that to prepare our dinner! Everyone's dinner at the table was prepared that way, and no one noticed the difference!