Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm ready for my children to come home!

Some things take forever at our house, like changing lighting fixtures, purchasing pieces of furniture  or buying a new mailbox.

We have been working on getting one of our guest rooms ready for company since we moved in the house. When three or our children came to visit in August we had to sleep some on a mattress on the floor. Now after much hard work we have began our new guestroom! I am sooo excited and ready for my children to come home.

This will be my kid friendly bedroom especially designed so that nothing will hurt my babies and there is nothing they can hurt. We still have a couple of pieces of furniture to buy but now at least they have somewhere to sleep.

Take a peak:

Ash and I will be attending "A Night with the Chapman's" on Sunday night and guess what just happened to me?

I was cleaning my glasses this morning and the leg broke. This is a major problem since my glasses are rimless and the eye glass places here didn't have the proper leg in stock. For a minute I thought that I was going to have to buy another set of frames but a precious lady asked where I got them when I told her she picked up the phone and called her sister who works there and who she is going to visit this weekend. The sister is going to give her what she needs and she'll repair my glasses on Monday morning.

NOW think about me this weekend while I am at our first season basketball game I hope I can see! At least at the concert I will be able to hear the music and speakers. I am using old glasses which are not bifocals so I am having a hard time adjusting. 

I have a doctors appointment in the morning to discuss my test results and then we are off to the farm once more to take care of Punkin.

Thanks for stopping by friends!!! I love you!


Kristen said...

So sorry you've been having some health issues. I hope the doctors are able to help you find out what is going on!
Your little pumpkin is adorable.

Hopefully this news will make your day... you won the turkey fryer on my site! Send me your mailing address when you get a chance!
Thanks and congrats!